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What Smart Heating Controls Includes?

Remote Temperature Control

Adjust and set the temperature of your home from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet, ensuring comfort and energy savings.

Scheduling and Timers

Create personalized heating schedules based on your routine, allowing efficient heating when needed and reducing energy consumption when not in use.

Smart Sensors

Utilize sensors to detect occupancy and adjust heating accordingly, ensuring rooms are heated only when in use for enhanced energy efficiency.

Zone Control

Divide your home into heating zones for precise temperature control in different areas, optimizing comfort and reducing heating costs.

Compatibility with Smart Devices

Connect with a range of smart devices and platforms, allowing seamless control and integration within your smart home ecosystem.

pinnacle heating
pinnacle heating

Packed With Energy-Saving Features

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Get instant alerts if you’ve gone out and left the heating on – so you’ll never waste money heating an empty home again.

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Holiday Mode

Keep saving even while you’re away – and set your heating and hot water so it’s ready for when you get home.

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Smart Control & Schedules

Find the perfect temp, boost your heating, and set energy-saving schedules that work around you – all from your phone.

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Heating History

Track basic habits and measure your savings throughout the season, plus get instant alerts if you’re about to overspend.

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Frost Protection

Prevents frozen pipes by automatically turning on when the weather drops – saving you from costly repairs.

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And more...

We provide HIVE, Nest, Tado, Drayton Wiser, Honeywell EvoHome and many more solutions.

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