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Expert Cylinder Installation Services

At Pinnacle Heating, we are your trusted experts in cylinder installation, serving Scarborough, Whitby, Pickering, Filey, Bridlington, and surrounding areas. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures a seamless and efficient installation process, whether you're replacing an old cylinder or installing a new one.

Our Services

Replacement Installations

If your current cylinder is outdated or malfunctioning, our skilled technicians can handle the replacement installation with precision. We work with leading brands to provide you with reliable and energy-efficient cylinders that meet your specific requirements.

New Installations

For new constructions or upgrades, we offer new cylinder installations tailored to your home's heating and hot water needs. Our team assesses your space, recommends the right size and type of cylinder, and ensures a flawless installation for optimal performance.

Expert Advice

Not sure which cylinder is best for your home? Our experts are here to help. We provide personalized consultations, guiding you through the options and helping you choose the ideal cylinder that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Quality Assurance

With Pinnacle Heating, you can rest assured that your cylinder installation is in good hands. We prioritize quality craftsmanship, use premium materials, and adhere to industry standards to deliver installations that last.

Why Choose Us?


With years of experience, we have honed our skills in cylinder installations, guaranteeing professional results.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we go above and beyond to meet your expectations and exceed industry standards.

Local Service

As a local company, we understand the unique needs of homeowners in Scarborough, Whitby, Pickering, Filey, Bridlington, and surrounding areas.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparency, providing upfront pricing and detailed quotes so you know exactly what to expect.

For expert cylinder installation services you can trust, contact Pinnacle Heating today. Let us ensure your home's heating and hot water systems operate efficiently and reliably.

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Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Pinnacle Heating specialises in top-tier services for unvented hot water cylinders, including renowned brands like Megaflow and Joule. We offer replacements, repairs, and brand new installations. Complementing our expertise are a diverse range of plumbing and hot water solutions, ensuring comprehensive plumbing services in Scarborough, Whitby, Pickering, Filey, and Bridlington.

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Our Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Services

At Pinnacle Heating, we offer a wide range of unvented hot water cylinder services, including:

Our expert team is well-versed in the installation, repair, and maintenance of unvented hot water cylinders, ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable all year round.

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What Is An Unvented Hot Water Cylinder?

An unvented hot water cylinder has no cold-water tank, instead, it connects to the mains cold water feed. The incoming water keeps the system under pressure and is heated via an immersion heater for direct models, or via a boiler system as well as solar-powered options for indirect models. This hot water is then distributed throughout your home to taps, showers and other outlets.

Benefits Of Unvented Water Cylinders

The benefits of unvented hot water cylinders include:

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